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With over 5,000 colours to choose from, talk to us about customising your ride.

We strive to deliver the extraordinary! We specialize in exotic vehicle wraps that paint simply cannot provide.

Colour explosion!!

The use of vehicle wrap material allows us to offer a service that has several benefits as well as an amazing outcome for any vehicle. With an outstanding life expectancy, your vehicle is being protected 24/7 from all the damaging factors that deteriorate a vehicle’s original showroom shine. Every covered inch of your vehicle will be protected from weathering, rocks, and many natural causes. Also at the same time maintaining your original paint!

Give your vehicle the showroom shine it deserves. High gloss, satin or the ever popular matte colours with a built-in protective clear coat layer allow you to simulate the appearance of factory applied paint or create a WOW moment every time you leave the driveway. With the range of available colours in the 1,000’s – we will provide your car with a brand new appearance that will last. Make your car look factory new once again without diminishing the factory OEM paint job value.

Specialty Wraps

Authentic Carbon Fiber, Brushed Steels, Chameleon, and Chrome Finishes

We offer a wide range of colours with specialty finishes such as carbon fibre, brushed steels, chromes, and even chameleon. These films are perfect for full car wraps or to accent your vehicle by using it on hoods, trunks, roofs, door handles, dashboards, rims, and much more. The only limitation is your imagination when it comes to these specialized films.

Prepare to be noticed!