Paint protection film


Your first line of defence against the inevitable

The first scratch is the deepest – so protect your paintwork from scratches, stone chips, and scrapes with our high quality and most durable paint protection films available.

That’s right….an actual film, not a polish designed to ‘’strengthen the paint’’. Our 8 micron films create a self-healing invisible barrier over your car, boat or bike to take the impact of any hits before it gets to the paint. That makes more since than a polish…..surely?

You don’t even need to do the whole vehicle, maybe just think about the areas of your vehicle that are most vulnerable to damage? If you just do impact points, you won’t notice the difference between the covered & non-covered unless (unless you look really, really close). Our films self-healing technology has superlative scratch and stain resistance – hence why we back it with a nationwide 10 year warranty!.

Look at PPPF this way – Why pay $200,00 for a boat or car & then watch someone scratch it on the first day. If you’re anything like us, we work too hard to see our cars, boats or bikes looking anything apart from PERFECT. For much less than a coffee a day you can have you ride protected with our exceptional sacrificial film….it’s a no-brainer.

Sacrificial Paint Protection Film protects EVERYTHING from scratches & abrasions whilst ensuring the paint work underneath is kept immaculate. With a 10 year guarantee – even a $5,000 PPF wrap will only cost $500 p/year….that’s a minimal investment for peace of mind & real paint protection!

Remember, we are offering a full impact resistant film – not a ‘’ceramic coating’’. You can’t even compare the 2 in terms of performance….they shouldn’t even be in the same conversation! Who would pay $1,500 for a ‘’fancy polish’’ then pay hundreds a year for specialised cleaning chemicals to watch your wife scratch inside the door handle with her wedding ring? It makes ZERO sense, spend a bit extra up front & get a product that performs for 10 years with minimal upkeep.